Wild in Willacy

Wild in Willacy Boot Fest

Welcome visitors to Willacy County’s pristine natural treasures. . . from native brush to Gulf shores.

Nature, heritage, and ranch-style cooking enthusiasts are invited to attend Wild in Willacy Boot Fest. Our county prides itself in offering its guests the opportunity to explore the natural resource of some of the wildest places in Texas.Wild in Willacy Boot Fest offers its guests an opportunity to “go beyond the gates” of some otherwise inaccessible ranches located east, west, and north of our county. The tours to our local unique ranches are among the favorite events offered at this festival. These tours offer nature lovers the opportunity to “get up close and personal” with many species of wildlife including birds, butterflies, and perhaps a glimpse at the Ferruginous Pygmy Owl.

In addition to promoting our area to nature tourist, this festival includes local participation adding a heritage twist. The legacy of a local boot maker who crafted boots for celebrities including President Reagan, President Truman, Prince Philip and several movie stars still continues in Willacy County. The presence of this specialized craftsman and being a community surrounded by ranches that still work cattle by cowboys continue to be a part of this dying tradition. Heritage attractions are a great part of the festival, as a result it now includes a variety of cook-offs, boot oriented contests, and an array of hands on demonstrations.

Along with birding and wildlife viewing opportunities for avid and amateur bird watchers, the tours provide excellent opportunities for those who’s interest include wildlife photography. Other highlights of the festival include a Trade Show and Expo, interactive children’s program, tours to the local historical museum, music, art exhibits, and so much more.

Wild in Willacy Boot Fest strives to offer its guests a better understanding how different ranch owners practice the preservation and conservation of our county’s natural wonders.

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