Some of the Many Things To do

The Rio Grande Valley has many things to do. From rodeos, natures sites, festivals, museums, sports and holding conventions. The  Valley has it all. Below ae just a few of the things to do:

  • Birdwatching: Many birds visit or pass through the RGV area each season. There are excellent Reserves in many areas of the Valley where one can observe parrots, egrets, spoonbills and a hundred other species as well. It is truly a “must visit” location for Birders.
  • Fishing: Laguna Madre is a bay formed between the mainland shore of Texas and the long, narrrow North Padre and South Padre Islands. The island run much of the length of the Texas coast and have few outlets to the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing is outstanding with favorite fish being Sea Trout, Red and Black Drum and Flounder. Being a shallow bay, most of the bay boats you will see have tunnel hulls, and motors that can lift (usually a jack-plate). There is also excellent offshore Fishing. You will find numerous captains/guides that charter both small or large groups people for deep sea fishing. Highly productive snapper banks are 30-60 miles out and other locations yield trophy quality big fish from the deep blue waters. Several small coastal towns that are favorite locations for fisherman. One of the best known is Port Mansfield which is located about 50 miles south of Corpus Cristi and 50 miles north of Brownsville or Harlingen.
  • Windsurfing and Kiteboarding: The Laguna Madre, a saline waterway that runs in a north-south direction for hundreds of miles along the Texas coast, is a great place windsurf or kiteboard. Because the Laguna Madre is relatively shallow throughout most of its course, it is an outstanding location to learn these water sports South Padre Island has two rental locations and several easy to reach launch sites. The wind blows out of the south-east at about 10-30 mph most days of the year and, because of its southern latitude the weather is warm, even in winter. Surfing and kiting is also possible on the Gulf side of South Padre Island but surf is not as big as that found in some waters of the east or west coasts.
  • Scuba: while the Gulf of Mexico often has a “murky layer.” there are artificial reef areas set aside specifically for scuba (these have several features sunk for divers to experience) and in the upper layers of water; the visibility is quite good.

Discussions and explorations of re-opening Delta Lake for recreational use are underway (north of Edcouch-Elsa, and the Monte Alto area).