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India Association of the Rio Grande Valley presents:

Soorya Festival 2013

June 2, 2013 at Edinburg Conference Center at Renaissance

India Association of the Rio Grande Valley presents For the first time in USA a visual classical treat by the world renowned Dr. Soorya Krishnamoorthy. Soorya Festival Sangamam.

“Sangamam” a dazzling stage performance , where several accomplished artists participates, focused on India’s deep-rooted unity in diversity while projecting its very rich cultural heritage is presented by Padmasree Dr. Soorya Krishnamoorthy, founder of SOORYA Stage and Film Society the biggest cultural society of the World and also the Best run society in the country. Fusion of Music and Dance from 20 Artists from all over India comes together in this program to tell the world about Unity of India with its Diversities. This will be a light and sound spectacular and fusion of classical dance and music , that is enjoyable across the boundaries of language and cultures.  Soorya is with several records in presenting unique visually spectacular shows of Indian Classical arts to the common public.

Soorya is a full member of the National Film Archive of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Federation of Film Societies of India.

The main activities of Soorya include screening films of artistic excellence, presenting film directors and holding their retrospectives, organizing seminars and discussions, conducting festivals of music, dance, talk, video, theatre, painting, photography…

Soorya stands for good cinema and good stage programmes; also functions as a platform for the promotion of young talents.

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