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Great Winter Destination For Retirees

Good place to spend the winter for retirees from Ontario and Quebec.The long drive is certainly worth it, 3400 kms from Ottawa.Most of the other northern residents we see there are from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Iowa ,Minnisota, Indiana and Wisconsin.
There is a similar climate to mid Florida with lots of Orange Grapefruit , and lemon trees . They also grow so much of fresh vegetables year round in this area. The area has over 500 retirement, IE Residents over 55 years parks with all the amenities.Most of the parks can accomidate large Mobile homes, Park models and RV units with full electrical and water and cement pads for parking . Most of the parks have all the other imentities. Our small park has an indoor pool and hotub, full workshop and large rec hall for the indoor events.There is lots of shopping with outlet malls and good restaraunts. Lots of cheap places to eat such as “Whataburger Restaraunt ” where two people can have lunch ,burger fries and a drink for $ 5.65 with the seniors discount.
Most of thepopulation in the area has a 20 minute drive to the Mexican town of Progresso which has been safe for tourists, lots of shopping there plus dentists for very reasonable and good quality work as well as discount pharamacies where the Americans and snowbirds can supliment their supplies of various products.
South Padre Island is an hour drive for beachcombers and fisherpeople. They have excellent excoursons for both.There are bird sanctuaries and other venues for nature watchers. The cruise port of Galviston is a 3.5 hour drive where they offer trips to many Carribean destinations.If one has a hankering for dancing or listening to good Bluegrass, Country or Old Rock and Roll stuff this is the place for you. There are various music Jams and dances every day and night at many the parks which are open to the public. One can bring their own food and drinks and sit back and enjoy. Entrance fees are usually $ 1 to $ 4 for jams with a lunch included and evening dances are usually $ 4.
The local people and shopkeepers are most friendly and helpfull and we find the prices of groceries ,dining and clothing to be exceptionally good especially compared to Canada. The only item we found to be overpriced compared to Canada is genuine Clamato Juice which we like with our Ceasor drinks. We bring a six pack from home for the winter.
For those concerned about medical care you will see that they have world class hospitals in the area including heart and cancer specialty hospitals. There is not much more a person could want for a winter vacation.We have enjoyed two winters so far and hope to see many more in The Rio Grande Valley.

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