Catalytic Converters Stolen at  Storage Depot on Loop 499 in Harlingen Facility Again!!

  • Once again someone broke into the Storage Depot on Loop 499 in Harlingen, Texas and stole catalytic converters from two vehicles being stored at that location. This time it was on two U-Haul trucks. A few months back it was an RV.  This facility and similar facilities do not take any responsibility for  thefts and require tenants to provide their own insurance against theft (because they know they do not have secure facilities). While this maybe standard policy, I believe once there is a theft or pattern of thefts, these facilities should notify the police (not push that responsibility to the victim) and any new or current tenant should be made aware of the problem so they can take addition security measures. The owner of the RV and was told there was nothing they could or would do. They said that they could file a police report and turn it into their insurance. The facility was asked about their security cameras in that area but was told that they had been out for sometime.  Without this information there was no way the police would have been able to see anything or do anything.  The victim elected not to make a police report because of no evidence. The mistake by the owner was thinking the Storage Depot on Loop 499 would want to help. This facility will not help with securing your property and will make any excuse to make it your fault.
  • The Storage Depot on Loop 499 is operated by Oakcrest Management, Inc. located at 1244 Robinhood Dr. Ste. 101 Brownsville, Texas 78521. Their phone # is 956-838-1133.
  • I talked to the policeman today 11/8/2013 investigating the current theft briefly, and asked about the rash of  catalytic converter thefts that have occurred in Harlingen and he denied that there is or ever has been a problem. Quote:  “He he knows what goes on in his department and there have not been any reports in Harlingen of catalytic converters being stolen, that I must be thinking about another town.” Do the police think that all people are stupid because they cannot do their jobs they have to deny there is a problem. Below is a report made by KRGV-TV shortly after the theft on my RV. I also had talked to Midas Muffler about the cost of replacing my catalytic converts ($800.00) and was told that he is getting many people coming in on the same issue. Mr. policeman there is a problem check it out. I guess I know more about your department than you do. Did you solve any of the cases?
  • If you are anyone you know has had any similar problems please use the “Contact US” form and report them.
  • Catalytic Converters Stolenarticle from KRGV-TV

    HARLINGEN – Police are looking for the person responsible for the theft of catalytic converters from several federal government vehicles in Harlingen. The theft happened at the U.S. Department of Agriculture office parking lot, police said. At least five vehicles were affected, officials said…
  • Thieves Target Catalytic Converters – article from KRGV-TV

  • HPD Searching for Catalytic Bandits
    Posted Jun. 26, 2012
    HARLINGEN – Police say a group of thieves roaming the city for catalytic converters have hit several businesses, including the City of Harlingen. At least seven businesses have been targeted in the past few weeks, and at least 20 trucks will need new catalytic converters before they can be used…
  • HARLINGEN – Precious metals in catalytic converters have turned the automotive emission-control part into a prime target for thieves, officials said.Thieves are targeting companies with fleets of vehicles, police said. The most recent thefts happened at the U.S. Department of Agriculture office in Harlingen.USDA employees knew something was wrong the moment they started the engines on the vehicles. This is not the first time thieves have targeted the agency’s vehicles...……….. news/thieves-target-catalytic-converters/
  • Thieves Targeting Catalytic Converters
    Posted Jun. 22, 2012
    HARLINGEN – Police say thieves are targeting catalytic converters. Five Harlingen businesses have been hit in two weeks and 15 vehicles have been grounded. Without a catalytic converter, the vehicles no longer meet state vehicle requirements. Sgt. John Parrish of the Harlingen Police Department explains thieves are most likely using a battery-powered saw to remove the part. We learned a Ford truck is a popular target, as well as companies closed for a day…
  • Thieves Targeting High-Dollar Car Parts
    Posted Feb. 27, 2012
    HARLINGEN – Harlingen police issue a crime alert for all residents. They say crooks are targeting high-dollar car parts, specifically stealing catalytic converters. The thefts are happening in shopping center parking lots. Harlingen police pin-pointed the area around Valle Vista Mall. Auto experts say figuring out if your car’s been hit is as simple as sticking the keys in the ignition. If someone stole your vehicle‘s catalytic converter your call will sound very loud…
  • If you are tired of Companies not doing the right thing or Authorities not being truthful when asked a question, let me know. Dishonesty and corruption  is becoming the norm and they think that being in power gives them special rights.