Mason & Company

Bad Business

Mason & Company are the worst property management company in the Rio Grande Valley. They do not consider the property owners liability in dealing with issues related to the property that they manage. This is for those people looking for a property management company to read.

1) Mason & Company will not make timely repairs to the owners property.

2) Mason & Company put tenants in properties with potential health conditions such as mold.

a) Mason & Company allow flooding conditions to continue causing foundation, sheet rock, wood rot, termites and mold problems to be created to both the owner’s property they represent and surrounding properties

b)  Mason & Company put tenants into properties that have mold and other harmful conditions without regards to tenants.

c)  Their make ready is done to cover up the problems not to fix them.

3) Mason & Company will blame the owner of the property and claim, in this case, the Doctor/owner will not authorize proper repairs.

If you are a looking for a rental property or looking for a rental property manager stay clear of them as they are Bad Business