Bert Ogden Hyundai Buyer’s Beware

8621 W. Expressway 83 Frontage
Harlingen, Texas 78552

Bert Ogden Hyundai

Buyer Beware

We recently bought a new 2014 Hyundai Sonata from Bert Ogden Hyundai Harlingen Dealership. During the purchase process we were asked to purchase some add-on features which we did. One of the add-ons was an enhanced alarm system. The system is about 4 months old and for the most part had been trouble free. There were a few times that the alarm would go off, when we set it, but would soon reset.
Saturday the alarm went off after we set it, while shopping at Lowes. Every time we turned it off after about a minute it would lock the doors on its own and then sound the alarm again. This went on for over 15 minutes before it would stop. Very embarrassing with everyone looking at us like we may have stolen the car. The next day I washed the car and again it happened. It went off more than 40 times before I could get it to quit. The neighbors all were wondering what was happening.

Today we were at Sonic and again the alarm started going off. Everyone again looking at us like we were stealing the car. We then took the car to the  Service Department and were told that it was not their problem. It was an aftermarket add-on and not covered under the Hyundai warranty or B.O. dealership. I said no we bought it from you. He then said he had to talk to his sales manager. They both looked at it again and reported back to us that they could not do anything today because they could not get in touch with the company that did the installation. They said that we could bring it back to them again in the morning and they would take it to be serviced at the other place that did the original installation.

In my opinion this was totally unacceptable to me, due to the fact that we have no way to lock the car until it is fixed. Why is Bert Ogden Hyundai selling any after-market products that they do not service and may not work on their cars? Hyundai makes a good car and has a good warranty why do they want to mess that up by selling after-market products. It is my opinion that their reputation suffers because they recommended and sold it. I do not care who they bought it from themselves my opinion is if they cannot put it on themselves and service it they should not sell it.

To everyone please be careful when buying a new car and then being asked to add additional add-ons. Especially, if the dealer and manufacturer do not service or warrant them. I will let you know how this turns out.

3/24/14 Update:

Representatives of Dealer’s Service Department contacted me the next day and made arrangements to pick up my vehicle and make the necessary repairs. They were very professional and caring. I was also able to talk to the owner of the dealership and they had already began the process of getting setup to install and service aftermarket products, which I believe will be a plus to their dealerships Valley wide. I would like to thank the Service Department, Managers and Owner of the dealership for their prompt and courteous attention to this problem.

10/1/14 Update

Well it happened again. We took our Hyundai in to  the dealership to have the oil changed and report that we were still having problems with the add-on alarm system. We were told that they could not do anything because the company that installed the system had gone out of business. This was after I was told that they were in the process of being able to service these add-on.

I do not understand this since the alleged owner told me that they were in the process of being able to service these items. When I told them that I would make another report on this site they said that they would remove the add-on equipment and restore the original alarm if I removed this posting. I said no I would not remove any posting but would add to it if they would not remove the equipment and refund the price paid for the equipment that never really worked. As of 10/29/14 they have not made any attempt to correct the problem. In my opinion you should not buy any cars from this dealership because their service after the sell is not acceptable. My opinion is they do not care about customer service. It is also strange that usually they send out a survey to rate their service but in our case they have not. Hyundai is a great car and has a great warranty but Dealerships make the difference. It is my opinion DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!!!! Whoever is in charge of service is not taking care of business! Hyundai should consider revoking their franchise if they do not improve their service.

10/30/14 Hyundai Response

Thank you for contacting Hyundai Motor America. Congratulations on your recent purchase of a new 2014 Sonata. We appreciate the opportunity to hear from our customers and we are also sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction with your recent experience at Bert Ogden Harlingen Hyundai that has prompted your contact.

Customer satisfaction is one of Hyundai’s top priorities. We apologize if Bert Ogden Harlingen Hyundai has not represented this commitment. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We have documented your comments and will notify the dealership.

Though we apologize for any inconvenience your experience has caused, we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention. We value your honest feedback since it provides us with the necessary information to make improvements for the benefit of our customers.

We recommend that you continue to work with Bert Ogden Harlingen Hyundai to come to a resolution that is satisfactory in regards to the after-market alarm system that was installed in your Sonata. Since the alarm system installed is an after-market part, Hyundai would be unable to assist regarding this concern. Hyundai is only able to enact warranty replacement of genuine Hyundai parts, still eligible for their respective warranty, found to be defective by the diagnosis of a certified Hyundai technician. We apologize for any disappointment or frustration this may cause.

10/30/14 My Response to Hyundai


The problem is that when we bought the car from this dealership they sold us these upgrades without explaining that they were not Hyundai products or that they do not work or service these products. We only found this out by having issues with the upgrade. Then they say they can’t do anything because it is not a Hyundai product. (You have echoed this in your response)

The point is if a Bert Ogden Hyundai Harlingen dealership sells a product or add-on at the time of buying the car we as consumers are led to believe that they are Hyundai approved and warranted. To later be given the run around by the service department on a product that the dealer sold is totally unacceptable.

After reading your response I see that it is not only the Bert Ogden Hyundai Harlingen Dealership at fault but Hyundai by allowing and excusing the problem by stating that is Hyundai policy not to warrant or work on add-on equipment that a dealer may sell even though leading us to believe that it was authorized by Hyundai or at the very least the Dealership. If I wanted to go to Pro Sound or some other aftermarket dealer I would not expect it to be a Hyundai problem, but when bought from the Dealership and in our opinion installed and serviced by the Hyundai Dealership they do have a responsibility to service it.

This problem must be fixed. Either do not offer aftermarket products or be able to service and warrant the product at the very least. Also the Bert Ogden Hyundai Harlingen Dealerships must make it very clear that the products sold are after-market products and are not serviced or warranted at Hyundai. I bet no one would buy these products. Failure to do this reflects on Hyundai. This is the 3rd Sonata we have purchased but will be the last. Also thanks to social media I will make sure as many people as possible know about this issue and how it is handled. I have done all a can with the Dealership. The manager would not even talk to me but used a salesman to relay communications. I was told he was in with the “Owner” so they have made their decision and I guess made mine for me also.

I do not appreciate being deceived by anyone.



Thank you for contacting Hyundai Motor America. We appreciate the opportunity to assist with your alarm concern for your 2014 Sonata Turbo Limited.

So that we may better understand and offer assistance if possible with your concern, we are going to have a case manager contact you by phone in the next 24-48 hours to discuss your case in detail.

1/1/14 Hyundai

I talked to a representative at Hyundai again today. They are supporting their Bert Ogden Hyundai Dealership by honoring the selling of aftermarket products, even though they may have lead the customer to believe that they were Hyundai approved and they would service the products sold. There was never anything leading us to believe anything other than it was an authorized Hyundai upgrade and was sold and assumed installed by the dealership and would be serviced and warranted by them. In my opinion the deception violates Texas Business & Commerce Code, Title 2, Chapter 17.46, Section B, Items: 1.2,3,5, & 24.

If you have had any similar experience with any Bert Ogden Dealership please contact me. I will be working on building a case against them for Deceptive Practices to file with the State Attorney General and also possibly a Class Action Suite. I know of 5 now and would like 100 or more.

Just filled a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against the Bert Ogden Hyundai Harlingen Dealership and found that Bert Ogden are not a member and had a “F” rating, should have read up on them first I guess. Not to my surprise most cases were from false or deceptive practices. Why are they not a member?


I talked to the Hyundai / KIA service manager at Bert Ogden and he said that they would be removing the aftermarket alarm and restoring the original Hyundai alarm. He also said that they would refund the purchase price of the faulty aftermarket alarm. I thanked him for his attention to this frustrating problem.
Hyundai picked up the vehicle this morning as promised and left a loaner car to use while they were working on our Hyundai. They returned later in the afternoon and returned the vehicle with the repairs made and a refund check for the aftermarket product. I would like to take this opportunity to that the Service Manager of the Hyundai / KIA Dealership in Harlingen for his prompt and courteous manner that he handled the issue. He asked that I have anyone with service issues to be sure and contact him first to try and resolve any service issues. This is how good Customer Service starts and reputations are build or lost.