Bad Doctors


I was recently on a trip to Brazil when I had an accident and broke my arm. I was treated there and pins were place in my arm to hold the bones in place. Approximately two weeks later I returned to the United States and saw my primary doctor. He checked my injury and attempted to setup a referral to an orthopedic doctor to followup since I would need a specialist to remove the pins that were implanted in Brazil. They made attempts to make appointments to two local Harlingen doctors.- Dr Jose Cobos and Dr. Smith. Both Bad Doctors refused to see me since I was previously seen and treated by an other doctor. (This was in Brazil).

I live in Harlingen and would have liked to have been treated here. I do not understand why a doctor would refuse service to me on the basis of my injury had been treated by a different doctor previously.


In my opinion the only two things that could be possible are:

  1.  The Bad Doctors are discriminating and refusing treatment.
  2. ┬áThe doctors are incompetent and can not followup on another doctor’s procedure.

Either way I find the refusal of treatment poor judgment and against their oath to provide care. I would warn all about using theses Bad Doctors as they have at a minimal demonstrated a serous lack of concern for their patients or people in need. To have a policy of not seeing a person just because he or she was previously treated by a different doctor is Bad Business and most importantly shows lack of care for an injured person.